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MorganEve is currently playing stand-up bass with The Devil Makes Three, filling in for Lucia while she takes some well-deserved time off.


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Based in New England, MorganEve Swain has spent the past two decades playing music in studios, bars, venues, festivals and homes. She's driven all over the US in a 12-passenger van, lived on tour busses, and flown over-seas to perform in Brazil and Europe. She currently fronts The Huntress and Holder of Hands, works as a violin technician and collaborates with several musicians, writers and choreographers on various projects. She also loves dogs. 




Whether it’s performing on-the-fly string arrangements, creating and stacking vocal ensembles, or intimate background vocals, ME is an asset in the studio.
— Joe Pisapia, Producer/Engineer, Nashville TN
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Studio Work

by MorganEve Swain


PARt is a dance/music collaboration between MorganEve Swain and choreographer Ali Kenner Brodsky. Music is written and performed alongside the dancers, whose movement address conversation, identity and grief. 

The video for The Huntress and Holder of Hands' "Creatures in Flight" is a collaboration between Kenner Brodsky, videographer Rich Ferri and the band, with special thanks to Vida Mia Ruiz and Maryanne Colella.



Studio Rates

are always negotiable

But in general, are $300/day, and occasionally require a travel stipend, if traveling more than 2 hours or requiring an airplane ride. 

MorganEve works best in collaboration. With your input on style and placement, string parts are "written" in the moment, by ear. Bass parts generally require demos beforehand. Vocals are always fun. And harmonizing strings and vocals are a specialty. 

Tour/Collaborations are case-by-case. Get in touch if you're interested in either and negotiations will be made. Preferably over drinks. (Or email.)



MorganEve began touring in 2007. Though financially disastrous, those first tours instilled in her the love of the road. While traveling through Virginia in 2008, she met Dave Lamb, who would become her partner in music and life. The two wrote, recorded and toured as the duo Brown Bird until Lamb's death from leukemia in 2014. 

After Brown Bird, MorganEve toured with The Devil Makes Three through the US and Europe, playing fiddle and cello. In the spring of 2016 she began touring with Last Good Tooth, playing 5-string viola, sometimes bass and harmony vocals.

She has continued to tour as often as possible, playing upright bass, viola, violin, voice, and often providing her tour-van, a gold 12- passenger lovingly named Goldie Ha(w)n Solo. 

MorganEve is happiest on the road and loves driving.



MorganEve wants to hear from you and about your project. 

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